Maruku’s signature event and team building activity – corporate logo painting for Corporates, Business, schools or any companies. Your delegates will be immersed in an intercultural exchange between traditional Anangu Culture and the stories of the different businesses under the guidance of experienced Maruku artists. By incorporating their own company story and learning about the meaning of the ancient desert symbols depicting the Creation time (Tjukurpa), delegates get an understanding of the importance of the art of sharing stories as well as be able to integrate it in their own company’s concept and cultivate cross-cultural awareness. The end painting will then be embellished with final touches by the artist working with the group.

No time for a hands-on workshop?

Local Maruku artists can work either live during a short presentation about Anangu culture or on commission on your company logo to present a unique corporate gift to remember Uluru long after the conference has finished. Logos have been burnt into wood (punu style) or painted.


Duration: 1.5h-2h

Three-part tour including a presentation by an Anangu artist in language teaching the ancient symbols and storytelling through sand drawings with an interpreter; option with or without painting your own A5 canvas while the rest of delegates work on the large canvas; option of painting on multiple large canvases; group story sharing with the artist.