Cave Art Tour – Cultural Walk

Make your way to Kuniya Walk at Uluru and submerge yourself into this culturally rich experience that offers much more than just a walk.

Meeting at the Kuniya Walk Car park Uluru, on this one-hour guided tour, you will learn  about the beautiful works of art depicting the Creation time (Tjukurpa) stories in the family cave,  see the stories set in stone in Uluru (Tjukuritja). This is an intimate and connected experience that will give you a deep insight into traditional Anangu culture and way of life. Your Anangu guide will share these Stories in Pitjantjatjara and will then be translated into English.

For booking request please email or phone Lauren on 0437 629 316

This experience is an absorbing and fulfilling time for all ages and gender.

We are a proud Indigenous Tourism Champion and a not-for-profit art & craft corporation 100% owned and controlled by Anangu (Aboriginal people from the Central and Western deserts) for over 30 years. Approximately 900 artists make up the collective that is Maruku. We exist to benefit the artists, their families, their communities and play a key role in keeping the traditional cultural practices strong and alive throughout the Anangu lands. Maruku is a regional art centre and, therefore, a representative of Anangu culture and art.

Our commitment to excellence is driven by the fact that we are a direct link between Anangu culture and tourism to the area, a role we take seriously. We want to educate our visitors about Anangu culture and history; in turn, cultivating respect and understanding for this ancient culture and its differences to our own. Sharing stories and passing on traditional methods of painting plays an important part in the sustainability of Aboriginal culture, the world’s oldest living culture.

Please note children (0-15 years) need to be accompanied by at least one paying adult.

Photo by Archie Sartracom

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