For over 30 years, Maruku has been our place to share our stories with you – the stories of our culture and of our country.

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Discover traditional and contemporary Anangu art and craft from the heart of Australia. Each hand crafted piece has a story.

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Explore and connect with Aboriginal art and culture in an authentic way by experiencing our range of cultural offerings in a unique format with local Anangu artists.

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About Maruku

For over 30 years Maruku has operated as a not-for-profit art and craft corporation, owned and operated by Anangu. Approximately 900 Aboriginal artists belonging to over 20 remote communities across the Central and Western Deserts, make up the collective that is Maruku. Our purpose is to keep culture strong and alive, through art, craft and organic experiences.

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Desert Mob Marketplace digital

Desert Mob Marketplace digital –  We open on Saturday, 12 September, 9am for 7 days. Visit our unique shop and choose from our beautiful carvings (Punu) or buy a colourful painting. Maruku offers a 10%  Desert Mob discount between the 12 and the 19 September 2020. go to the Maruku Arts stall here Thank you for

Maruku Arts in Desert Mob 2020

Today Desert Mob 2020 opened and Maruku artist Kathryn Queama and Maruku artist and director Selina Kulitja visited the exhibition. Maruku Arts presents seven works: Cynthia Burke’s unique Minyma Kapitjara (woman with water) – a moving abstract female sculpture, Dallas Smythe’s beautiful walka boards The Rirra, a smaller version of the work in the Telstra show

Desert Mob 2020

Araluen Arts Centre and Desart present Desert Mob 2020 Araluen Arts Centre Mparntwe 11 September – 25 October Maruku Arts presents works from: Patrick Allen, Nevio Tjami, Lincoln Douglas, Cynthia Burke, Dallas Smythe, Kathryn Queama, Brett Jennings, Eunice Porter, Billy & Lulu Cooley Free ticketed exhibition viewing From 1pm,  Friday 11 September To maintain Covid-19