For over 30 years, Maruku has been our place to share our stories with you – the stories of our culture and of our country.

Explore our culture through our art, tours and workshops.


Discover traditional and contemporary Anangu art and craft from the heart of Australia. Each hand crafted piece has a story.

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Tours & Workshops

Explore and connect with Anangu art and culture in an authentic way by experiencing our range of cultural offerings in a unique format with local Anangu artists.

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About Maruku

For over 30 years Maruku has operated as a not-for-profit art and craft corporation, owned and operated by Anangu. Approximately 900 Anangu artists belonging to over 20 remote communities across the Central and Western Deserts, make up the collective that is Maruku. Our purpose is to keep culture strong and alive, through art, craft and organic experiences.

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107 PROJECTS: Blak Mirror

Two of our most senior PUNU and desert art makers, the duo Billy and Lulu Cooley, have been asked by Jason Wing to be involved in this show – Blak Mirror.