Living Wood

SALON Art Projects and Maruku Arts present Punu – Living Wood, an exhibition of carved wooden objects by multidisciplinary artists from remote communities spanning the Western and Central Desert regions.
The exhibition includes hand carved kali (boomerangs), wana (digging sticks), piti (collection bowls) and a range of walka boards, designs that are burnt/painted and etched onto plywood.

Punu is the Pitjantjatjara word for ‘living wood’. The carvings on show present both traditional and contemporary elements.
The piti, wiras and mimpus – all sorts of bowls traditionally produced over generations for daily use, are engraved or left natural to form impressive contemporary sculptures. The walka board (walka meaning design or pattern) is a relatively new medium that enables artists to express their wood carving skills in contemporary ways. Artists engrave their stories and designs, just like painting a canvas. Some use fencing wires heated in the fire, other use a pyrography-pen.
Punu – Living Wood fuses together youth, wisdom, tradition and present-day, culminating in a beautiful exhibition of three-dimensional work, not to be missed!

catalogue: SALON-art-projects-Maruku-PUNU-Living-Wood

Fred Ward Miru – Spearthrower (detail) 2018, wooden carving, 75 x 14 x 7 cm, C024E1-18

REVEALED, Fremantle Art Centre (group show)
15th June – 26th July 2020
Revealed 2020

This year Maruku presents women tools. The installation shows different bowls and wanas from young and emerging artists.

2020 Revealed Exhibition Catalogue: New & Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists