Sissy Cooley


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Sissy Cooley

Joanne (Sissy) Cooley is the granddaughter of Billy and Lulu Cooley, a renowned husband and wife carving partnership from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands in South Australia. Their skills have been passed on through the Tjukurpa, the Law and way of life governing their country, and they have raised their children in this strong tradition. Joanne began learning from her grandparents to etch the design work on her grandmother’s bowls and is now carving her own bowls. She makes beautiful walka boards and paintings with the same ‘tali’ design. Joanne also works with visitors to Uluru in dot painting workshops and  represents Maruku artists demonstrating her skills at exhibition openings and other events.



Mutitjulu : NT

Acrylic on Canvas, Wood Carving, Acrylic paint on plywood

  • Tali - Sandunes
  • Wira - Wooden Bowls
  • Desert Snakes