Fundraiser – Help Anangu Culture to survive!

Help Maruku!

We need Anangu to stay safe
and we need the organisation to survive!!!

Imagine the demise of an Indigenous-run artists’ collective based at Uluru, successfully representing some 700 artists and craftspersons in a region bigger than Sweden. Imagine the end of an organisation with a focus on punu-making (traditional wood carving) which has kept culture strong through workshops, presentations and tours for thousands of tourists every year. Imagine what it would mean to withdraw $3m of support for artists and their families living in 22 remote communities in the central desert region. Just imagine that. What should we do? Maruku Arts has been a key player in the central desert for 35 years but has now been left to flounder, as we have not been recipients of operational funding from Government for 25 years. Right now, we have become victims of our own success. The situation is critical. We need the public’s support.

To fight back we have launch a Fundraiser page at to save the organisation and help Anangu artists and tour guides to survive.

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