"Marukunya nganana mukuringkula pakaltjinganu, malatja malatja nintiringkuntjaku Tjukurpaku munu nintiringkula tjakaltjunkuntjaku minga tjuta. Munu tjana ngapartji wangkaku ma-nintiringkula mala tjuta."

"We wanted to build maruku so future generations will learn the tjukurpa and can then explain it to visitors. They in turn will learn and tell their young."

Nelly Patterson, 2014

Maruku is a not-for-profit regional art and craft organisation. We are owned and operated by Anangu. Approximately 900 artists make up the collective that is Maruku, and rely on us as an important source of income available across APY lands. Our purpose is to keep art and culture strong and alive.

All donations are tax deductible.

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Maruku Fundraiser

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